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100% true for me. I’ve tried to stop but, Before I can even think, I automatically / instinctively apologize. Maybe it’s because I’m in pain and feel like I’m being punished, there for I should be sorry for something but I’m don’t even know why I’m saying sorry to others because I’m in pain. I’m an inconvenient guest; I understand that. I usually say sorry for refusing to visit. Otherwise, I end up saying sorry for not being more active or keep to myself in the corner. With out a migraine though, I’m overly active and perhaps make plans that I end up putting off for days because a migraine instantly hits when I’m having the most fun. If I have fun, I get a migraine, then the pain prevents me from having fun. I’m always wondering if I had too much fun in a previous life and if this is my punishment or whatever- it’s just crazy like that.


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