Easter Pig: Chresta


My post on the GuineaPig Amino Group (URL).

First off I know I haven’t been here for a while and I sincerely apologize but when it comes to migraines and daily life chores / work etc I’ve got a lot on my plate including giving my guinea pigs parsley and trying to figure out how much celery is too much…? I myself honestly don’t know but that’s why I’m in this group LOL

I have a new baby and her name is Chresta.
She has a Crest on her forehead, an indent in her fur which is a crest which make me think of a cross and I figured “why not since it’s Easter?”

So instead of Cresta or Krista, I added the letter H before the R but after the C so kind of like c h r i s t. This is not to offend anyone religious wise it is purely me explaining why I gave her that name and how I remember her name so easily.
Straight to the point, I am introducing my new guinea pig.

Link below is hosted on my google photostream so I am not advertising ok, just a pure unaltered video. Warning: the video is horibly long.💤💤💤

📽This video shows the reaction between them after I took out the divider. I know I took out the cage divider possibly way too soon though, I was there watching them the entire time also, it worked out anyways.

😵Please don’t tell me all of the horrors of “what could have happed” 😫 I honestly dont want to hear it because I already did multiple times before 😤 Let’s be adults & move on.

☺ Besides, it all turned out👌 just fine 😍
Keep in mind that ButterCup is 6 years old…
Jalmon is almost 4 years old.

The only piggies I could find in my area were all just about under 3 months old but this one stood out abd seemed to be getting beatup by the others. Before I even brought her home, she began responding to the name Chresta and thats how it happened.

So lets focus on the 🍀POSITIVE ⭐ 👌🙂
This is a HAPPY POST 🙂🐾😍💖

I honestly don’t care if you skip through most of the video because it is very long and me just basically interacting with my guinea pigs and feel free to not view it at all. If an admin tells me to remove this link which is just a guinea pig video of mine, that would be a shame but I would remove it if necessary…

*Yet sadly that would take the fun away from this post about how my guinea pigs are interacting with each other and just being super adorable.

The video is basically my blog itself.

I would truly hope that someone would really read my entire post and think about it before jumping to any kind of conclusions or posting any kind of commentswhatsoever until actually reading this entire post from beginning to end because when people don’t read my post from beginning to end- it tends to become a problem which I would very much like to avoid.

Confusion only starts when people don’t read the full story. It was too long to upload to YouTube, so its only streaming threw google.

So if you haven’t read this part of the blog and you’re just posting that I have to take it down or something then I’m going to keep the post up on my own website regardless but I will not take this post down off of this amino group unless an actual administrator tells me to take it down.


Yes, I know their cage is dirty I even say so multiple times in the video itself. I will attach some cute photos of the new guinea pig.

Twice a week I clean their cage and remove the fluff flash bedding, give it a quick wipe down and add new fluff. I hand wash their food dish and water bottles.

I do in fact clean their cage *SUPER-CLEAN* ounce a week where I remove the bedding, spray and wipe down the cage, wash their toys put back in all their toys, only putting the food dishes back in after I have scrubbed them and had run threw the dishwashing machine. They are stainless steel, dishwasher safe.

I do in fact have spare food dishes while their dirty dishes are in the washer.

Does anyone else by chance do this with their food dishes or water bottles?

Do you have backups of backups?
I have about four different piggy food dishes and at least currently two water bottles, I will add two more water bottles to my collection so that if a piggy ever chews it, it melts in the dishwasher, it’s simply dirty, then I will be able to use the other clean water bottle from storage which I will simply rinse out.

In Loving Memory of Daisy

Screenshot on my phone for definition of name

…her name is also in memory of Daisy, a piggy from my past who survived multiple surgeries, fought threw horrors of illness due to genetic problems which could not be cured. Daisy has a more detailed story you can read elsewhere. This is supposed to be a halpy post. Hopefully, this new life daisy Chresta, will live a long abd healthy live with lots of love and understanding.

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