Nausea Killer

Got horrible nausua with a migraine or extreme motion sickness? This might work for you and it’s free without anything outrageous.

Not 100% guaranteed but it works for me. So I figured I should share this with my fellow migraine suffers around the world out there~ …it doesn’t always work for me, about 2/3 times it’s enough.

Get someone to go, to Walmart for you to buy ginger root or ginger powder that has nothing mixed in with it whatsoever.

If you’ve already got ginger powder then skip the next three steps.

  1. Cut the ginger root Into thin slices and place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet in the oven.
  2. Bake on 450°F for aproximently 15 minutes or until chrispy like potato chips.
  3. Put in plastic ziploc bag and smash into powder.

Now with the ginger powder…

Put half a teaspoon of the powder into one tablespoon of water and mix as best as possible.

Now FINALLY literally down at like a vodka shot.

Warning: it will not taste well, but will help if you can not vomit or spit it up for an entire 10 minutes. Though, if you can handle just eating ginger or pickled sushi ginger then that can work even better. I personally use pickled sushi ginger that you can buy at Wal-Mart, HEB or on Amazon.

Even simply swishing it
around in your moulth

for one minute can do the
trick to kill nausua
or motion sicknesses.

If you’ve only puked twice and are about to try this treatment, use half a tea spoon of the ginger powder with two table spoons of water and one small pinch of salt.

If you’ve only puked once in the past hour or haven’t puked at all but you’re just terribly nauseous, then this should work fine for you and it’s not technically medicine.

Either way you should still talk to your doctor and make sure you are not allergic to Ginger.
I don’t personally know anyone who’s allergic to Ginger but that would be a really bad result.

If you have puked twice “with-in” the past hour, do not attempt until you haven’t puked for the next hour; no food either.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve already puked three times within the past hour give up and go see your doctor, have a friend drive you to the ER whatever it takes don’t get dehydrated and pass out on the floor home alone because you could die from dehydration or choke on your vomit.

I’m not trying to sound horribly Grim here, though I myself get low blood sugar, I’m hypoglycemic, so if I puke out enough times and pass out I in fact could die from simple nausea from a migraine.

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