Seziures are Pointless.

Seziures are pointless.

I don’t get why they exist.

Sure, there’s a cause, but why do they exist.. ?

I asked my doctor and my doctor replied, “Why are babies born?”

I responded, “Seziures don’t actually reproduce,” I became genuinely concerned of the possibility, ” right?”

He gave me the same answer in a different form, “Why is life in existence,” I kinda understand but I don’t.  I guess that was the point.

Then the doctor asked me, “Do you find life to be pointless?” I figured this was a trick question of some sort… He got called to an emergency patient, so I was some what glad but felt bad that an other person was having some kind of emergency. 

I’m not sure if my question was ever answered.

Cancer is pointless, but it does reproduce threw out the body.  Seziures don’t reproduce and don’t spread unless caused by a deformation of genetics. Most commonly, they just happen.  I understand for a drug overdose, a seziure can be caused or heat stroke can trigger it.  In situations like that, seziures only damage the body more, from what I understand anyways.

Other than to cause death, why do they exist?

Light and darkness like life and deatht; they equal each other out.   I understand that.  Other than cause damage or for people who commonly have seziures, damages rarely acure.   Even a virus can reproduce.

Perhaps, I’ll never understand~ 

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