Migraine Safety: When You’re too Sick to Care

The Reality of My Life.


A truly honest photo while in the process of trying to survive.  Life with chronic migraines are no joke, but when sick, the photos are funny later on.  

Obviously, I was unable to edit or post this photo at the time.  Didn’t stop me from shooting the pic though.

Do you really need to know anything more?

Alright, so I made it into a hot shower.

No, my hair did not fall off. 


Migraine Safety:

When in the Shower

Hot showers, with a chair, can really help with the pain sometimes.  It’s not always safe to shower with a migraine.  You have to except the fact that you might fall over or puke at any random moment.

Baths are no good because you could drowned.  Yes, a grown woman or adult man could die in a bath with a migraine by simply passing out from pain and slipping under the water.  It’s a serious problem.

Don’t be stupid. Use a shower chair and keep the drain open, make sure someone is home in case you fall down and get seriously hurt.


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