YouTube Response

YouTube Response to Bright Side

Original video first…

I left this comment

SERIOUS QUESTION: did anyone find the items before the timer started, I mean All of them? I was busy yawning during the 8th but found it before the clock ran out.

*It felt overly easy. Did anyone else get bored waiting for the next picture? I think I have a problem. No wait, it’s been diagnosed as OCD when I was a kid though, is it possible I have something else wrong with my brain?

It would be a relief to know if I did, simply because I get extreme Migraines, which is why I go offline for days at a time. Doctors say there’s no cure and I know others suffer. WHAT WORKS FOR YOU?? I honestly want to know so I can try to murder my own migrane head aches that are taking more than 50% of my waking life.

Was anyone else annoyed by this video? I’m not criticizing the video or the people who make it, I’m just saying personally with OCD does it agitate you or make you feel better as soon as you spot that out of place object? It was sort of both for me.

Hey, makers of @brightside #briggrside are there printable version of your multiple tests so I don’t have to look at a digital screen to do theese? SERIOUS QUESTION. Please let me know? Thank you.

If anyone thinks I’m bragging, I’m not. It’s actually a serious problem that interrupts my daily life. If you didn’t get a lot of them be glad you can go to parties and actually enjoy the rush. HUGs!!!

And then I realized this was a blog.

So there’s that~

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