WordPress Response: Migraine Mantras #0001

Original Post that I am responding to, and main site that displays this post.  https://migrainemantras.com


My Response to another WordPress website. 


Name: MCtheGirL

Comment: Hi I have a question I’ve noticed that you post mostly about migraines. I am Melissa Carlisle and I also have migraines fibromyalgia, osteoarthritiss, rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure, absence seizures, a bunch of food allergies etc etc etc. I just wanted to say but I really appreciate your blog site.

**MY QUESTION** “I was wondering if it would be okay to link your website as an affiliate on my blog or on my WordPress sitelinks to share with the public? If not either way please let me know?” …..My blog site is ( MC the girl . com / like it can ) but with no spaces. I also post about migraine though I also post about my guinea pigs.

*I was wondering if anyone has therapy pets for migraine treatment? I mean, more so for depression caused by migraines and the problems that come along with chronic migraines. ButterCup is my cavy/guineapig. ButterCup is my therapy pet.

… I have subscribed to your website and what are the most recent posts that I received notification of an email I shared on Facebook, with the share this on Facebook button of that post. Surviving migraines with the holidays basically. I figured it was very important that I share with my friends on Facebook. The share button was publicly there, so I did not feel required to ask permission to share Viva the Facebook share button. I hope that is okay, if not please remove your share on Facebook button? I’m pretty sure though that you want people to share the posts otherwise you wouldn’t have activated the share on Facebook buttons.

Oh! I almost forgot I use the name MC the girl because one my first name is Melissa and my last name is Carlisle, also because I’m a girl obviously. I don’t mean to be weird, but I would appreciate some kind of response.



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