Counselor-Holiday Failure

Title: Counselor-Holiday Failurer

Written by: MCtheGirL  |  Date Written: 12/22/2018

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays
-of what ever else celebrate or don’t celebrate. 
! WARNING: Sad /Depressing Story !


Welcome, Happy Holidays,” said the counselor opening the door, “come on in.”

A depressed person told their counselor, “I hate my family, I hate my life.”

The counselor said, “Life is insane. Don’t drop dead. Skip instead!

But I’m in a wheelchair,” complain the person, “I’m not insane.”

Oh,” the counselor smiled, “that’s exactly what an insane person would say.”

Perhaps you’re insane,” the person argued.

Here you go deflecting again,” the counselor rolled their eyes, “life can’t be that bad.”

I have no insurance,” the person muttered, “my parents are dead and my other family members are drug addicts. I have bills piling up, with no source of income or government aid other than you. I need all the help I can get. Life is hell. I need different advice,” the person pleated.

The counselor took a deep breath in and you’re let out a sigh, “why on Earth are you still alive?

The person never returned to the next session or the one after that and was never seen by anyone ever again, only once in the morgue.


Sad story, I know. Figured it would be a story that many others could relate to, so I’m posting this online. 

It will bebadded to the “life lessons” section, on my stories website.

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