Good Morning!!! Migraine~


Today is an other Migrane day, same migrane head ache, just a different day to live on with conflict.  

Starting upon the first week of November, my energy level is dropping fast.  At first I thought it was my blood sugar levels but then I realized it was a migraine along with the common cold.

Lots of things to get done with a fair amount of time and yet my mind is not fully online.  My nerves are glitching with the involuntary movement threw out my body.  It is making it difficult to move and do something as simple as hold a pen and write my own name.  I am not complaining, just giving you a heads up that I will be slow to respond.

  I have changed my hair! Mostly because it grew on its own and I neglected to trim it.  This is my hair now; mostly blonde than red in reality.

I know it’s two weeks late for me to be posting this though, due to the migraine practically driving me insane, I was regretfully unable to notify anyone in advance.  I apologize for any inconveniences to all.

Sense the first of week November 2018, I’ve had a drilling sensation upon my left temple.  Similar to the feeling of a dentist drilling in your tooth, while the numbing medicine has not yet kicked in.  Now being November 25th, I will obviously notify my neurologist.

It’s not like migrane head aches are uncommon for me, just that constant drilling sensation verses that on/off stabbing with the usual throbbing, is not as normal.





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I sure hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Me?  Nope.  Not going to happen. 

I have too many food allergies and it’s hard to restrain myself at the table when everyone else is eating yummy food, so I just don’t join the table anymore.

I firmly believe that I have learned my lesson after the last emergency room visit for the swelling in my throat.  Along with hives and extreamly painful cramping, looking like plage victim is not my idea of a happy Thanksgiving; it is only upsetting to all around me.

It’s time for me to study, again as usual and if your kids are bord I highly suggest a math game in the form of riddles to exercise the brain.

For example: The auntie was busy at the computer typing a document but the niece really wanted her attention and to play.  Auntie only had one more page to finish.  With five paragraphs per page and she types about five sentences every two minutes, how much longer must the niece wait to play?  Answer, “The niece must wait about ten minutes,” is simple enough to be correct in theory.

*Assuming there’s only five sentences in each paragraph.  5*2=10  Simplified: “2+2+2+2+2=10”  

Yes, I drew that picture above. Site:

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